October 27, 2012


53.8kg before the party.

Thank you for the birthday comments btw. =D =D =D I love you two! <3

My birthday party was alright... my friend (who has a crush on me T_T) brought her baby. Normally I would  rage, but she has the most perfect little girl ever! That baby is so inquisitive (and apparently mature for her age - her doctor said that today at her check-up) and sweet and obviously healthy, but the only time she cries is when she misses her mom/dad (which is rare, they love her to pieces) and she's barely messy. And she's so quiet the rest of the time. She seems so smart... Ahaha sorry I just hate little kids normally (not hate but... ugh) because they're so loud and shit and I'm like... d'aw this one's quiet!

Oh and I got into that university in Ohio, so.. woot I'm going back to school. Ahaha wasn't sure I would get in because I took one class there in high school and failed it miserably (senioritis + math = bad combination) and they want their transfer students to have a minimum of a 2.5 gpa and mine was 2.49 something because I was lazy as shit second semester at Miami. (And yes, it was second semester. I was on Dean's List first semester T_T) But all is good!

Will commence dieting asap though... now that the party is over.

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