October 29, 2012


No comment. Don't want to talk about it.

Oh and I'm still sick. Potentially sicker. Why? Because last night, we had to go rescue a haunted house. We normally don't go to this place on Sunday nights because we want a break and Sundays are their least busy days. But last night, there were only about 5 people there (to scare customers), so we decided - hey let's go help! Sadly, this place has no heating and there's nowhere warm to go nearby. Which isn't as bad as it sounds, because it is still warmer inside than outside thanks to how crowded it is (meaning really small, narrow rooms/hallways), all the animatronics running (I'd assume they produce some heat...), and how much moving around we have to do. Still... cold as hell. I can barely talk today T_T

Anywayyy... now that I'm done complaining.

I think I need to start posting my weight/intake on here... should I do that?

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