October 11, 2012


My baby is a fighter. =) Haha thank you for noticing!

We're kind of spoiling her a lot... >_< We were supposed to give her canned food (more hydrating than dry food, which is what we normally give her, along with a healthy serving of "people food" XD). So of course we did that. After scouring all the shops in the area until we found the one shop that sells the exact type of food we heard was good for her (for anyone who's interested - lamb/chicken and rice. The rice part is really good for calming their stomachs. We learned this from someone who has been breeding dogs for 30 years, has had 4 with parvo, and all of them lived through it!). Though currently we're happy that she's eating anything. So the fact that all she apparently wants to eat is pizza-flavored dog treats? No problem! XD

The completely shit part about this? Well, one of the shit parts? We have to give her an IV twice a day... I have to hold her for that. It's horrible for someone with a fear of needles. T_T

Meh sorry for ranting about my puppy so much... she's just the focus of my world right now. =/

Going to the vet tomorrow to see what the vet says!

She was super hyper today! Gave us quite the workout chasing her around the yard so we could get her back inside. XD Haha... it made us so happy since one of the worst symptoms of parvo is lethargy.

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