October 04, 2012

55.0 + Rant

My mother-in-law-to-be is such a BITCH. Forgetting all the stuff she's done in the past...

The boy called his mom on his birthday to see if, for his birthday present, she would get him a $30 phone card. She said she would send him $50 since she couldn't get to the store at the moment. Then she calls later that night and says she won't help him and he's on his own. Oh and she won't get him a birthday present.

So then I send her a rage-y (but controlled! I did NOT go full-rage on her) Facebook message saying I think she's a lying whore (not in those terms obviously) and she should stick to her word. Then she sent me a message saying I was a little girl who should earn her own money and stop asking everyone for money.

I told my fiance about this and he said he wasn't going to talk to her until she apologized to us.


1 comment:

  1. Those first two pictures. I relate so much.
    His mum sounds horrible, who can not get their son a birthday present?
    I hope you're okay, take care.


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