February 24, 2016


a few of the teddy bears my boyfriend has gotten me =)

Valentine's Day dinner - salad with snap peas, orange slices, and almonds, asparagus, pasta with squash, red onion, and red pepper, and Gardein chicken (vegetarian chicken)

The rest of these pictures are from when I was in China =)

My therapist wants me to make a mindfulness jar to help me focus my thoughts. I don't think it'll help but I'm willing to try anything =/
Also it's raining like a bitch outside today and I get to go to class soon. Yay -_-

Planning on fasting today (tea and water only). Hopefully the boyfriend doesn't notice T_T I just don't feel like dealing with food when I have so much homework to worry about,

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  1. you deserve that teddy bear, beautiful. you really do. i'm glad he got it for you ^_^

    that's a very cute little dinner. hope you've enjoyed it!

    oh my God. that's China?!?!? oh God. holy shit. it's gorgeous.

    anything is better than nothing. ;) just saying. it may seem useless but maybe it'll help. even if just a little. the least bit of help can make things easier for you.

    take care, love.

    by the way, i think you deserve far more than tea and water. just letting you know. i know it's mentally the easiest thing for you right now (probably) but you really do deserve more than this. far more. and i will remind you of that when you've forgotten it.

    take care, little button.

    -Sam Lupin


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