December 16, 2010

J'aimerais tellement

I don't know.

Comments make me happy =)

Jenn and unbeautiful, yeah we can be friends on RS ^_^ My name's UndeadMango... Don't laugh -.- I'm probably changing it soon anyway XD And yeah... just for the record, it really is worth paying if you play a lot, cause the members only skills/quests freaking OWN. You have no idea!

Iris, thank you ^_^ I did enjoy mine! This is my last year of snow days... college next year =( Ahh...

I broke a nail today >.< It was all bloody and gross.

So... D has said I should blog about him. And since I love him to death (shut up shut up shut up he's not like the other guys I know he's not... he's perfect) I decided I'll do that ^_^ Hmm... what about him though? Besides how adorable and sweet and loving and perfect he is... Haha. I'm sure you lovely readers would get bored reading that. Though for the record, I've never blogged that about ANYONE else.


Calc final is tomorrow. I'm going to fail and I don't give a fuck as long as it's not a WF.

I'm fat. That's about all I know about my weight. Sigh. I got more pills. They're tempting, but D is more tempting so I'll stay away from them for now =)

I'm thinking I shouldn't carry them in my purse (at school) though... Could get in trouble. Not like they search our stuff, and they definitely wouldn't search mine cause I'm a perfect student, but ya know...


Ugh my English teacher is being a creeper. He remembers everything I say... It scares me =/

And on that note...

They Always Come Back by I Am Ghost <3

I love you and D <3

Byes! <3 <3


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  1. My account names are (don't laugh) Xelmoforever and Believer92. I'm mainly on my elmo one though. :)
    Good luck on your final! I'm sure you'll do ok.
    It probably is best not to keep the pills on you at school. I did some bad things at my school and became known as the school freak. It's just best to leave temptation at home. Better yet, don't have temptation.(I know, I know. I should follow my own advice.) Just focus on D. He sure sounds like a keeper! ;)


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