December 18, 2010

Numb (I feel so numb...)

unbeautiful.. the pills thing is more for legal reasons than anything else. >.< Temptation's always there and I can quite easily hurt myself without anything besides my nails. And I'm not laughing about your names ^_^ Well... not to your face anyway =P

D and I are over. Sigh. Ah well. Whatever. I'll find someone else. Or just be alone. I have a bag of almonds in my room. Not really sure how that happened... I keep forgetting stuff. I'll be somewhere and I'll have no memory of getting there. I had my calc exam yesterday. Hahaha. It was a fucking joke. I don't know shit.

Mom's still on this eating thing with me. I think that's how the almonds got here.

I really thought he was the one. I can't believe it's over... completely over... Is it really over?

But it is. He keeps saying he knew he would lose me, he wants me back and he'll do anything... but it can never happen. No matter what.

I'm sorry for being so fucking emo =/

Until It Sleeps (S&M) by Metallica is fucking amazing


  1. Well I'm sorry it's over. :( But don't worry, when you feel sad just look at my RS names! lol. I know they are pretty funny. I was like 14 when I came up with them. Pathetic I know. Just think, those are even better than my old AIM screenname. It was like poohbearforever13 or something like that. Ahh, a long time ago. Feel better dear. Take your feelings out on the monsters of RS. The monsters there are never ending. :)

  2. Awwwh, hun, I'm sorry you're going through this. Keep your chin up there are always better days that follow the bad ones. And yes, Metallica is fucking amazing lol.


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