December 13, 2010

Snow Day

The plan for today (Yay I have a plan!)
-Clean (to make the parents happeh and give me something to do)
-Runescape cause I'm a nerd
-Sprite Zero (have I mentioned my love for this? IT'S SO FUCKING AMAZING!)

Hmm.... I think that's it =)

Elara, Runescape isn't free for me XD I pay for a membership cause... well, it's 100x better with a membership!

Thank you for the kind comments, Elara and Sophie <3

So I've been thinking... people binge when they don't get enough sleep (at least, I'm sure that's at least one major cause of it), so instead of stuffing calories down your throat, why can't you just take some sleep meds (NOT OVERDOSE!) and sleep? It's good for you and most of us probably don't get enough sleep anyway... Yeah this is probably pathetically obvious but you chose to read my blog so now you have to deal with my stupidity ^_^ Or I suppose you could leave, but that would make me sad =(

I'm currently listening to Soldiers of the Wasteland by Dragonforce =) I love it

And I want to say this to anyone who comments my blog... I will follow your blog if you comment mine (and actually read it, obviously XD) unless you don't know how to capitalize, spell reasonably well (everyone, including me, makes mistakes sometimes...), or use proper punctuation and grammar. So if your blog is "hai todai i eated a pice offf stoof" then I'm really not going to waste my time deciphering it... XD I just wanted to say that. In case someone gets offended that I'm not following them. But I think I do follow most of my (few >.< But very much loved and appreciated!) commenters...

Love all of you lovely ladies! (And any guys who read this too, of course ^_^)


  1. Thanks for telling about Runescape. I played Guild Wars for a little bit, someone hooked me up with a free account to use. But now it's gone and I've been thinking of something new. I saw a commercial for WOW and I thought about it for a second but it's SO pricey. I don't think I can justify spending $50 a month sheeze. But runescape starts free so I can make REALLY sure I want to pay and it looks pretty affordable anyway.... If I join, be my pal kay.

    hearts. Jenn

  2. Awesome!! I play Runescape too! I used to be a member but because of money problems my membership had to be canceled. :( But that's so cool that you play! Maybe we can be friends?

  3. I haven't had a snow day in quite some time. I hope you enjoyed yours!


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