December 25, 2010


So I'm in MD. I'm kinda nervous about blogging from here, but I NEED to blog!

Konrad, who are you? o.O

For those who don't know.... The Kindle is Amazon's reader. It's this little device you can read books on. And listen to music and go on the internet, but mostly it's for reading. I already read Fight Club on it and now I'm reading this interesting book called Restricted (Yep it's an ED one). I adore it =D

We're (my stepmom and I, my dad is sulking in his room cause he hates metal) listening to metal... it's calming =) Metallica, Dragonforce, Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Aerosmith... the good stuff!

Ugh there's been so much eating recently. And not anywhere enough exercise. We went to the park last night and I was acting like a hyper kid and I ran and it felt so perfect, so right... I love running =)

I got a cute new black coat from Guess for Christmas. And a pile of money haha. Um... yeah XD Rest of the stuff isn't worth mentioning.


I miss my computer! I'm on a Mac! The horror O.O


Love, Vampire

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