December 05, 2010


Iris, yeah Stephen King is awesome <3 Haha. The book Insomnia's pretty good....

Elara, hey =D Thank you for the comment! That was really sweet =) Your blog looks nice, I think I'll follow it =)

Night Flower, haha we have had snow! Friday morning it was so pretty! I always leave a little before 7 (ok, now that I think about it, it's actually 6:45am....) and when I was outside the sky was this like.. velvety dark blue and there were snowflakes just drifting down. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Well, it looked peaceful, since I had my Metallica turned up really loud.... Haha. Yeah I adore snow <3

So I've decided to weigh myself in kg next time I get to a scale. Why? Because my goal weight (30kg) is in kg.... Er, ok, that's kinda obvious from the parentheses... I swear I'm not trying to insult your intelligence! I'm just having a stupid moment.

Hmm nothing exciting really. I have far too much homework and exams... Ugh. 2 more weeks until I go to Maryland! I'm not sure if I should be excited or not...

Ugh. I feel so fat. I probably weigh like 5000kg. Yep.



  1. Yeah, I've read "Insomnia" and loved it.

    Have you read "Duma Key"? It's one of his newer ones, and I really liked it.

  2. I love the snow =) Well, only when my toes aren't so frozen that they feel like they're about to fall off! :/ But it really is beautiful and peaceful. I weigh myself in kg too, but I always convert it into pounds as well. Hope you're ok xx

  3. I like kilograms, too, since they're always smaller. Never small enough though... Hope you're going well <3


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